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3 Reason Why POP Signage is your best IN-STORE marketing tool

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  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2019-03-13

Online marketing has certainly changed the way retailers meet consumers, but point-of-sale is still a vitally important part of the process. Businesses must capitalize on these brick-and-mortar shoppers with point-of-purchase displays that catch their attention and increase the chance of a sale.

Here are 3 ways POP graphics still provide value:


Online isn’t the be-all, end-all of sales. In fact, for some shoppers, it’s simply the start. According to research from Forbes, the majority of shoppers research major products online and head to the store when they’re ready to buy. These people like the fact that they can interact with the product, talk to an associate to learn more about it, and take it home immediately. In fact,most shoppers who research products both online and in stores said the latter had more of an influence on their decision. POP graphics are crucial here, convincing customers to commit to a purchase right at the final moment.


POP displays are a brand’s chance to add additional information that might not be on the package. They can contain details like customer testimonials, suggested uses, sales imagery or similar information. These items aren’t essential enough to put on the product itself, but they still help sell the item and enhance the customer’s experience and build brand recognition.
What’s more, POP displays can compare similar products from one brand to help customers decide which one is best for them. For instance, a POP display for a skincare line can segment moisturizers based on whether the person’s skin is dry, oily, acne-prone or a combination of the three. Providing this information clearly, rather than forcing the customer to pick up each product and determine which is best for themselves, increases the likelihood of a sale and product satisfaction.


Finally, POP displays break up the environment, helping customers identify a specific product or brand in a sea of small packages. They catch the attention of hesitant or casual shoppers and increase impulse sales. POP graphics are even more effective if they can be viewed from outside the store and attract the eyes of people on the street.
In addition, switching POP displays periodically keeps stores from looking the same month after month. This flexibility gives shoppers a different experience than the one they receive online.