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About Our Product -- LCD Screen

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2018-11-15
With the development of science and technology step by step, around all kinds of ads around us, convenient for us, also boosted everyone's consumption.
The most type is our advertising machine display ads, whether in shopping malls, or retail store, display advertising goods everywhere. Advertising machine is the best choice of the commercial and cultural propaganda.
Our advertising machine is the LCD screen, LCD screen than other types, the colour of its performance will be more prominent, and the brightness is very high, consumption is also low. Now most of the TV screen is the LCD screen.
Not only that, the LCD screen is small in size, light weight, small and fever.
Our series of N and K series of low cost, low consumption, with the location of the large area can display advertising design, very suitable for the counter and store display, while looking at the screen you can see the perimeter of the display screen.
Second is KH series, KH series supports full hd screen, automatic playback and switch machine, support the HDMI input, can be used with digital box. The screen size will be big, suitable for shopping malls and brand shop.
If in order to operate and change the screen, all can choose our KD series, series of KD in KH series, on the basis of increased the android operating system, you can customize the touch screen, at the same time also can install the mouse operate.
KA series can support installing third-party software, if you have a need to install the software, the selected series products.
A series of products, we strengthen the function of bluetooth, S series is our private mould product, we give its increased the camera, make it more diversified.