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Advertising display has become the fastest growing LCD applications

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-12
The commercial market of advertising display is the fastest growing third largest LCD display product after TV and personal computer (PC), and it is also a new opportunity for embedded applications of LCD industry in china.
When you enter the airport, MRT, bus, building elevator, supermarkets, discount stores or fast food restaurants, it is not difficult to find the advertising display has gradually replaced the traditional marquee, this way for product display, makes consumers browse products with more pleasing, but also the product content and characteristics can be more flexible and diversified to show, this new area of innovation, is the current popular advertising displayer.

The ad player can play digital images, messages, or advertisements at one or more locations at the same time. Media content will be played in a smarter way by the ability to play multiple blocks simultaneously on the same screen. Such as playing specific content and event messages for specific viewers at specific locations.
According to well-known survey agency iSuppli predicted that the global advertising business market will be 30% annual rate of rapid growth, and gradually to replace the traditional display of traditional advertising. The use of store advertising to stimulate the promotion of new product sales growth of 30% to 300%, but also to increase the turnover of 30%, and to reduce the consumer about 15% of the waiting time, so that consumers can quickly find the necessary goods.

The future demand for advertising displayer will accelerate, and due to the large number of commercial markets, it is expected to be the third largest LCD display applications after the fastest growing TV entertainment and personal computers.