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Advertising machine application introduction in tourism industry

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-06
In recent years, the tourism industry in China has developed rapidly. Travel destinations such as theme parks and characteristic towns are constantly emerging. In the face of increasingly fierce marketization competitions, in order to create their own common viewing experience and competitive advantage by using characteristic services,tour operators will also take advanced digital management skills as an important consideration for the characteristic operation.

Advertising machine for tourists information release, from retail to health care, many professional users now feel the advantages of using advertising. Travel agencies began to use real-time, interactive information to inspire tourists travel. Advertising machine also allows visitors to get out of the travel information can be readily available to ensure that they always "online." Briefly speaking, the advertising machine can improve the travel experience in the following aspects.
Provide the lead role
The advertising device can interactively provide tourists with directions on how to reach their destinations directly and provide maps of the destinations around them and information on services such as catering, retail, transportation facilities and hotel accommodation in the surrounding areas. Use this feature, visitors can easily understand the local attractions of interest and find out from A to B the most convenient way to arrive. This is also the advertising machine in the most widely used role in the travel profession.
Provide wireless network
Adsplanes located at tourist destinations can be considered tourists providing Wi-Fi, which is very appealing to tourists wishing to be able to access free internet access anytime, anywhere. Once the Wi-Fi connection is successfully connected, the advertiser can push notifications to visitors.
Share the news
The advertisers enable visitors to gain more and deeper insight into their destinations and assist them in making the most correct decisions at any time by providing them with useful, up-to-date and useful information. Interactive self-service programs can provide visitors with real-time updated information such as climate, local news, and upcoming events.
Promote local business
Advertising machine can think local businesses and shops provide an advertising platform. By building useful connections between tourists and local shops and restaurants, self-service solutions can boost tourists' travel to local attractions and boost income generation in local business operations.