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Advertising machine is mainly used in these industries

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-01-17
With the rapid development of digital signage industry. The status of digital advertising has been highlighted, especially as a new media network version of the LCD advertising machine, but also with its rapid growth has become a beautiful landscape of advertising, advertising machine application industry is very wide. In 2018, with the booming development of China's advertising machine market, what new applications will the advertising machine industry have?
The health care industry
With the help of network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can play medicine, registration, hospitalization and other relevant information. In addition, we can also use the solution of the AD machine system to let doctors and patients interact, provide map guidance, entertainment information and other content services, which can not only simplify the process of seeing a doctor, but also help alleviate the anxiety of patients.
Retail chain industry
With the help of the network version of the LCD advertising machine, can help users to immediately release commodity purchase and promotion and other content information. The rich display functions and bright colors of the LCD advertising machine can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers, and at the same time help users to simplify the information release process, and ultimately improve the sales performance of users in the retail industry.
The hotel industry
Network LCD advertising machine can also be in the hotel public areas for information display, to provide customers with a full range of hotel service information. For example: hotel map, room use, cuisine recommendation, preferential activities and other information content. In addition, when necessary, the network version of the LCD advertising machine can also be based on the original system of the hotel to develop the relevant hotel operation support, such as the hotel automatic check-in and checking number and other services.
The financial industry
With the network version of the LCD advertising machine, financial institutions can better promote the brand image and business. Users use the LCD AD system to play financial information such as benchmark interest rate, to show and introduce banking business and activity notice to customers, and to play corporate culture, namely image publicity video, and so on. At the same time, the network version of the LCD advertising machine can also achieve more system functions by integrating resources, such as queuing and calling, touch screen, multimedia terminal, etc., to achieve unified management of information, no matter how far apart the financial industry, can be remotely controlled management, thus bringing considerable economic effects for the financial industry.
The transportation sector
With the network version of the LCD advertising machine, users can timely update and release schedules and other traffic information. In addition, users can also create additional display functions, such as scrolling entertainment clips, or playing sports, entertainment and other news programs, to provide entertainment for waiting passengers and kill the waiting time. In view of the characteristics of large crowd flow in stations, airports and other places, users can also play various product advertisements to create economic benefits for businesses.

With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more people prefer to use the tools with complete functions and convenient operation, while the intelligent touch all-in-one machine skillfully integrates the functions of computer and tablet to facilitate people's use, which is bound to attract more people's attention. So, what is the reason for people to buy quality service of the intelligent touch all-in-one machine?
3 reasons to buy a smart touch all-in-one
First, quality and safety are guaranteed
Reliable quality of the smart touch all-in-one PC in the whole process are strictly implement the national production safety standards, especially on the design of the power supply unit, manufacturer to prevent the user from the start to get an electric shock the possibilities, and adopts closed power supply device to better avoid the phenomenon of leakage or radiation, which greatly guarantee the safety of users.
Secondly, the design is simple and powerful
As a combination of computer and tablet, professional intelligent touch all-in-one machine is composed of host, computer, audio and other equipment, but simple and generous in appearance design, and presents a certain aesthetic feeling. Reflect on the function, smart touch all-in-one PC set in tablet and computer used in the function and advantages of the two and through which people can not only watch online network video, edit documents and videos, etc., can also watch to channel the tablet handy, visible its function is very powerful and complete, and worth to choose.
Third, price is economical and practical
At present, the leading intelligent touch all-in-one machine in the industry is based on market standards and consumer demand in the price setting, so on the basis of reasonable price, it can basically meet the needs of the public, and the price is also affordable, the service life is very long, will not be easy to be used bad.
Undoubtedly, the purpose of using the professional intelligent touch all-in-one machine is to value its advantages of comprehensive functions of computer and tablet, and the popular intelligent touch all-in-one machine can meet the needs of people while ensuring its quality of use. So in the face of such excellent intelligent touch all-in-one machine, the user is no reason to refuse.