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Advertising video touch screen meet the various demands of multimedia technology

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-30
The use of advertising screen in shopping malls are not rare, the use of touch screen advertisement machine will bring some interactive parts, consumers can get the latest information from the promotional advertising video player, can even print promotional coupons. In addition, consumers can also directly check the information of the commodity in the advertising player.Through a simple click, you can get more detailed information of goods. The public touch advertising screen is widely used in post office, telecommunication bureau, office building, industry and commerce, taxation and other places, which can facilitate the inquiry of the required information. The advertising screen's main consumer groups will become the young man of the year of 80s and 90s, for these two groups, fashion, fun, and sense of science and technology is their main pursuit, those with the times advertising machine products is what they need.

Touch screen advertising machine have optional single or double screen, thin body, industrial structure design, four anti treatment (explosion-proof, anti-static, dust-proof, anti interference), low power consumption and environmental protection, touch response speed (less than 5 milliseconds). 1080P Full HD LCD advertising machine using the latest generation of Full HD multimedia decoding scheme. Screen switch, play time, time display, calendar, playlists, data card protection function, support the screen saver, automatically switch on and off, rolling subtitles, power switch protection, broadcast diversity; playing mode, support a variety of video formats, any picture cutting, marquee, modular design, the system uses embedded, perfect the security mechanism and the operation is simple. The product is suitable for hotels, banks, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, leisure and entertainment, government affairs, public security, real estate, business hall, Exhibition Corporation, Taiwan, elevator, rail transportation and other fields, to meet the various demands of multimedia technology.