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Airport media advertising display

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-08
The essence of advertising is to inform a specific group of advertisers' products or services through specific carriers and specific forms, which involves three key subjects: advertisers, advertising operators and audiences.
Airport advertising dispaly are mainly about real estate, automotive, financial and communication industries. Most of them are large advertisers in the country, supplemented by regional and local large and medium-sized enterprises. Besides the passengers, the airport advertising audience also includes the pick up machine personnel, airports and stationing units. The advertising actually reaches 1.59 times the traffic volume of the group.

The advantages of the launch of the airport advertising display:
1, High level of audience, brand appeal and behavior appeal, easy to become a hot spot and focus of the society. At present, passengers are mainly for the merchants and officials have a certain social status and economic strength of the class, their behavior is representative of the corresponding.
2, The media covers the fast speed of information dissemination, and can quickly infiltrate into various social strata.
3, The customer group has a strong economic strength and a good social image.
4, The high quality and grade of the airport advertising is marked by the strong cultural atmosphere of the high grade service and the noble customer group.
5, As an air bridge, business activities such as attracting investment, cultural exchange, sightseeing and other government businesses become more frequent. Airports around the world are developing at a high speed, playing a great role in promoting the development of airport advertising.