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Andriod Advertising Machine---The booster of retailer

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-27
Android has always been the most widely used system in the world because of its good stability, compatibility and openness. Meanwhile, a series of software applications based on Android are widely used in many ways.
KERCHAN is an advertising screen factory with more than 10 years history of high-tech enterprises, with the adoption of international standards of production plants, independent research and development capabilities, as well as nnovation ability increased, the scale of enterprises expands year by year. Also , we have many outstanding sales team and R & D, promotion, etc., KERCHAN (android tablet supplier china)spends a lot on its own unique research, based on customer needs and the comprehensive optimization and improvement for customers around the world , which brought high-quality Advertising and services to our clients.  

Android advertising machine is built with 10 capacitive touch which brings excellent touch experience to you. They quipped with Android system to better support the installation of third-party APK. There are built-in WIFI, Ethernet port (RJ45) for Internet connection. What’s more ,external 3G / 4G is available. For interface, you can find built-in 3 USB host, RJ45 Ethernet port, SD card reader. They Support AVI, MP1, 2, 3, 4 and other formats of video, support for playing the largest 1920 * 1080P video.
And when you want to connect a lot of Android advertising machine into a system, you can use remote content management (CMS), which supports sending content from the office to the tablet. It’s very convenient.