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Android network screen common problems and solutions

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-18
LCD Android network advertising machine grows stronger and stronger,which is widely used in various industrie.The following is common problems and solutions.

1, the screen is seriously flashing:
Need to check whether there is a magnetic field around the advertising machine or not, to check whether the power supply voltage is stable or not.
2, The screen does not show, the panel indicator is flashing:
Check whether the signal connecting line of the screen and the decoder board is normal or not,check whether the socket of the signal line is bent or broken.
3, Clean LED Android network advertising machine screen
Clean LED advertising machine screen, you can use the wine wipe,but try not to use moisture content too much damp cloth, so as not to have water into the screen which would cause LED internal short-circuit and other faults.
4. Can the user disassemble LED himself?
Absolutely not, even if the LED will shut down after a long time, the backlight module CFL converter is still possible with high pressure of about 1000V, this pressure can lead to serious personal injury. So don't disassemble LED, so as not to encounter high pressure.
5, Android network advertising machine plugged in power but did not respond, how to do?
Check whether the power of advertising machine electricity wire is off or loose, if the power supply is a current move, check whether the electric decode board, and then check whether the electric machine drives the advertising board, check whether high voltage electricity, check the LCD screen is energized, any different, said the trouble in the parts, replacement parts manufacturers notice.