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Attention matters of custom LCD advertising screen

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-04-23

For the business of customized products, there will be a lot of need to deal with the place, of course, today Kerchan Group will give you some popular about the LCD advertising machine custom some knowledge!

1. Customize product quantity, for the vast majority of advertising vendors would customize an advertisement machine, priority is, of course, a number of factors, for the vast majority of manufacturers, if it is custom only a few units, and with a professional staff to make custom accessories, if there is no advantage in the quantity, so it is hard to earn margin.

2. The product specification is often a customized according to your current one goal to customize for confirmation by a factor, product size, first of all, one of the biggest, is placed by businesses to determine their space is how much, to determine a measure of the size, followed by colour, decide the appearance of a choice.

3. Customized configuration as far as configuration is concerned, the configuration of a single machine and network version depends on quantitative management and whether a location is easy to manage. As far as the market is concerned, the configuration of the network version tends to be more.

4. Custom consideration if the number of custom price is not high, but the product price is relatively expensive, can be reached, but for the custom generally low price, if there is no strength in Numbers, for advertising vendors would also is a big complaint, one is no profit space first, second, to produce the specifications customized products quantity is little, it's hard to get over there to achieve stable production requirements, it is a necessity, of course, this is also a lot of advertising vendors would have a headache.

For the production of some customized advertising machine manufacturers and customers between some of the analysis here, I hope to help you thank you!