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Basic functions of outdoor LCD digital sinage

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-08-07
Outdoor advertising machine needs to have basic functions:
1, network function: network automatic connection, program data upload / download, real-time information acquisition;
2, file management functions: file system, file management, file copy / delete, etc.;
3, program broadcast function: program layout analysis, play list analysis, video output:
4 , logging function: play log, system log, abnormal alarm record, etc.;
5, local download broadcast: through the network to receive media content, stored in the local back cycle play;
6, split screen, screen display function: support split screen, free rotation, zoom, pan, background music playback function;
7. Automatic switch machine: set subsection timing, support each week 7 days, different time play control;
8, flow Subtitles: support multi window subtitles display, text can scroll in many directions;
9, slot function: support plug play emergency subtitles or pictures;
10, file Preview: all uploaded files can be previewed online to ensure the accuracy of the broadcast content;
11, group management: the same player assigned to the same group, centralized management, the same group play the same advertising sources;
12, real-time query: support real-time query each terminal status, if problems can be found and resolved in a timely manner;