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Business morning, The style of Kerchan to sharing,learning and growing

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on :2017-12-06
In Kerchan(android tablet supplier china), there are many excellent sales team, because each person's work experience is long and short, so there will be different experiences in the work of thinking, business meeting will be held on the one hand not only to help new people quickly familiar with Business, but also to teach you to get more ways to achieve performance, develop customers, etc., is necessary and important.

Today's meeting was hosted by Judy, head of the POP dispaly LCD screen team, a thought-and-executive leader, active thought and opinion, coupled with strong execution that led her in developing her clients and achievements are very decent, just won the honor to enter the million Hall of Fame not long ago, and now in the year-end performance PK is also among the best, worthy of respect. Today, she also shared some of his own thoughts and suggestions, including not only the daily work (open frame monitor manufacturer)summary, but also some problems and solutions, may need to encounter the salesman, but did not want to solve the past, but chose to avoid, Indeed, facing the problem can solve the problem, thereby enhancing their operational capacity, growth can not be easy.
In the end, everyone is perfect, but in the future growth and learning, to improve their own shortcomings, to enhance themselves in order to become better one, this is the way individuals realize the value.