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Catering industry digital service

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-12
As the saying goes "hunger breeds discontentment", visible position in the hearts of the people of the restaurant is the highest, with the improvement of living standards, food and clothing is no longer the main problem. Followed by food grade, characteristics and so on become the characteristics, so people pay more attention to the development of food and beverage with the social level and people demand changes.Not only from the food itself, at the same time with the service has become an important measure of people choice. 

The modern society is the digital age. The development of the network and the intersection of information make people live convenient and efficient. In the catering industry, the digitalized service has also become the mainstream. In the digital signage allocation of food to the store, it can not only display the store's signature dishes, cuisine features and so on, but also can display the store the latest discount packages, the latest features, cuisine, so that consumers can see the most intuitive and cause consumer desire.     
At the same time, it can also play the chain of catering business information, display the strong brand strength and grade, and get the identity of the consumer. At the same time, users can get information about restaurants and restaurants by connecting WiFi, and get push messages, etc., which can cause more interaction between consumers and stores, thereby increasing the group of loyal consumers. In the digital age, more attention is paid to interaction and efficiency. Consumers can stimulate visual and taste through the most intuitive way, thus directly contributing to consumption and store revenue.