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Christmas morning meeting in Kerchan

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2018-01-04
Christmas is here once a year, here on behalf of Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) Technology Co., Ltd. wish you Merry Christmas! This morning, Kerchan also held a Christmas morning meeting, What is the surprise of this Fancy Christmas?  Let's witness together.

The presenter is Emma comes from Dragon team, ​​whose team is mainly responsible for the sales of Hand Sanitizing Billboard. Emma is a newcomer in Dragon team, but she is a beautiful girl  who combines both beauty and talent. like thinking, always have a lots of ideas, today's morning meeting is the result of her teamwork with them.When you into the venue will be able to feel the atmosphere of the Christmas Day, the host with elk horn on her head, filled with Christmas themed music, very relaxed and happy. 

Today we all wear new red clothes to welcome this happy holiday. The content of the activities is also very interesting. First, we start to guess the name of the movie after classifying into two groups. the classic lines to guess the name of the film in limited time to win the most of a group, everyone is enthusiastic to come in, kin guess a lot, it seems the film is her hobby, others also performed well. Next is the most exciting part of the exchange of gifts, we have prepared a Christmas gift, so divided into two teams began to give each other gifts, and finally, selected several representative open the presents, get the blessing of all,  someone received a warm bedside lamp, and someone received flowers, apples, dolls, etc., regardless of the value of gifts, expressions of love and blessing is the most crucial, I wish all of you happy for a long time! Kerchan(open frame monitor manufacturer) creates a relaxed and happy working environment for everyone, so that everyone can enjoy happiness and fortune in their work, and let everyone realize their own value in the life of the enterprise so as to provide a good platform and development for everyone.