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Coupon Printing Hand Sanitizing Billboard - Necessary for Chain Restaurant

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-21
The chain restaurant has been the gathering place of  human flow , it is also a good place for advertising, when people wait for dining, there will be a lot of leisure time, they will involuntarily pay attention to the surrounding environment and facilities, therefore, some restaurants will prepare some tablet for entertainment,or equipped with TV, to ease the waiting time, but these are not the best way to make the best use of  leisure time, it should invest with a Hand Sanitizing Billboard  which support coupon printing.   
This is a more powerful advertiing display,in addition to advertising display function,it can also support the printing function,for example, when the user owns the store coupons, they need to print it out for use through the Hand Sanitizing Billboard, of course,the synchronization software should be installed in advertising machine, when the customers print out their store coupons,they can also sanitize their hands,and then enter the restaurant.     

 It seems like a very simple process,however,there is mystery hid in, the Hand Sanitizing Billboard  can enhance the interaction between consumers and stores.When print coupons, customers can take the initiative to see new dishes on the shop, the latest preferential and upcoming events and so on. The process of  getting information on people's own initiative is better than the passive acceptance, and when the customers uses the Hand Sanitizing Billboard, the screen is playing the recent restaurant video,it can attract customres to watch and get a better dining experience.The brand and grade of the restaurant have been promoted in an all-round way, and it is also beneficial to the reputation.Of course, the convenience of  the Hand Sanitizing Billboard is also confined to easier to move to a suitable location. The design of the floor type is much more atmospheric, it can enhance the restaurant's grade and visual effect,coupled with,it can win the favor of consumers.