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  • Release on:2018-12-10

Customer focus

The first question is, why customer focus?

Because all the company's income is from the customer, we give shareholders, suppliers, employees of the money from this income, indeed, the customer is our parents.

Many people think that to the company is to work for the boss, in fact, is not correct, is to work for customers.

We serve customers, give products to customers, customers give us money, the boss is the person who manages the company and money, every employee is to create value for the company, so we are to create value for customers to achieve the value of the enterprise. Customer service is the only reason a company exists.

What exactly is customer focus?


Keep an eye on customer needs and make continuous improvement

At any time to insight into customer needs, the level of customer insight is also the embodiment of our company's management level.

Customer demand is not only a matter of marketing, sales, products, including after-sales service, including the company's management, to constantly look for customer demand, but this customer demand is also the trend of the industry.

This trend includes user habits, user needs, technology trends, and global trends.


Respond quickly to customer needs

This does not refer to the response of the business people at the time of the transaction, but to the entire process of responding to customer requirements.

A lot of companies just sell their products and they're done, no matter what, but we have to realize now that when we sell our products, our services really start. If you manage this concept well, get the reputation of the customer, the customer will help you spread.

One of IBM's most important philosophies is that we do everything customer-centric and that sales, products, delivery, finance and finance are all about customers.

People all over the company work hard to make customers willing to buy your products, which is the first level of work; That's not enough. Get to level two -- get customers willing to buy your product over and over again. Let the customer repeat purchase is not the highest level, the highest is the customer to help you do publicity, all the customers say "his family's best!"


High-quality product delivery and service

Quality is a big problem. How can we guarantee quality? Quality is guaranteed through processes, and quality is guaranteed through organizational resources.

What is high quality? Our products and services, ultimately through customer experience to achieve customer satisfaction, customer and company strategic development, so to meet customer needs are called high quality.

What is the customer demand? Abstract the essence of the requirements, all users whether to the society or to the entity, any demand should be convenient, valuable, easy to use, reliable, any product has these attributes.


End-to-end low-cost operations

All the customers will demand better quality and price, so our whole company needs to operate at a low cost so that the product price can be competitive.

Life cycle management process, from the opportunity point to the collection of an end-to-end management process, improve service, improve efficiency.

These four are the core of customer-centred management, which can be summarized as follows:

First, keep an eye on customer needs and make continuous improvement forever; Second, quickly respond to customer needs; Third, high-quality products and services; Fourth, end-to-end low-cost operations.

Firstly, the company should not pursue profit maximization, but human capital maximization and joint growth with customers. Second, use customer demand to promote the company's development goals, that is, through customer demand to develop the future; Third, the end-to-end operation system supports the company to serve customers.

In addition, the relationship between customers and users, we have their own customers, customers behind the user, do not be good to customers and forget the user. For example, in the medical system, we should first put patients first. The value of customers is realized by the value of users, which is an important management concept.

Let's not forget our original intention: what is our product used for? For whom? This is the key and worth thinking about.