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Daily Maintenance of Advertising Machine

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-18
The advertising machine mainly consists of the internal complex electronic circuitry and the computer control panel,  the screen displays a lot of dynamic information, and some types can also support touch screen. Advertising machine is electronic equipment after all, it has a certain length of service life and also needs maintenance. Maintenance can increase the life of  the ad machine and guarantee the normal use of advertising machine.

First: environmental maintenance: advertising machine environment will directly affect the advertising effect and life, if the light is too bright, even light,on the one hand, it affect the  visual communication of advertising machine, on the other hand, the direct sunlight will damage the electronic components. In addition, the air humidity of the advertising machine should be appropriate, too humid environment will affect the circuit of electronic equipment and even cause some problems.
Second: Fuselage maintenance: advertising machine has a certain length of service life , the switch will produce certain harm to the advertising machine, the frequent use of  switch will cause damage to the screen of electronic components , will affect the advertising machine, affect its life.
Third: technical maintenance. Static phenomenon often occurs in  electronic equipment, advertising machine is no exception. Static electricity will lead dust in the air attached to the advertising machine, therefore,please be sure to do proper cleaning. Wet cloth can't be used in cleaning the  advertising machine , it will lead to bad cleaning effect and may even cause the dampness of  the circuit.