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Digital Advertising Display in Subway which is with High-speed Can Still be Visual Visible, What is

When objects are moving fast, human beings' eye see the images then the images disappear, the human eye can continue to retain its image, about 0.1-0.4 seconds or so, this phenomenon is called visual persistence phenomenon. When the human eye looks at the object, it is imaged on the retina and it is input to the human brain from the optic nerve, and the image of the object is felt. However, when the object is removed, the impression of the optic nerve to the object disappears immediately, and the duration is  0.1-0.4 seconds time, the human eye with this nature is called "the eye of the visual stay." 

Place almost the same advertising at a certain distance. When the high-speed train pass, there will be a continuous advertising into the people eyes, before and after the two advertising walls into the human eye between 0.1 seconds, people will feel continuous animation.
This principle is very similar to the film, in fact, it is to use an ad wall instead of a movie inside the frame.
Let's count the number of ad walls that need to be used in this way for 5 seconds. Assuming that the billboard appears once every 0.1 seconds, then 50 billboards are required.
The distance between the two billboards is related to the speed of the subway, assuming the subway speed is 72km / h, then the subway travels through 100m in 5 seconds. That is, every two meters placed a billboard.