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Digital signage cooling method introdution

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2018-01-05
Nowadays, display screen cooling way has metal radiation fin,duct heater,fan etc. Passive heat dissipation or active cooling method.
Heatsink is the most typical passive cooling components.In addition, the heat pipe is also an increasingly popular passive heat-dissipating element in recent years. In the field of heat-dissipation, the high heat conductivity is still the main direction of technological development. In the heat-conductive, light-weight and easy-to-process metals such as aluminum or copper, Better heat conduction silver is too expensive, usually not used. In everyday use we also use thermal paste, such as the "silicone" inside our common computer(video screen supplier china).

Heat pipe is another common passive cooling solution, light weight, fast average temperature characteristics, so that it has excellent heat transfer properties, the use of a wide range of heat pipes, popular for use in various types of heat exchange Devices, coolers and other different applications.
The most common active cooling is the use of motor-driven fan blades cooling, in addition to the most common computer case, the power supply to install, and the heat sink, heat pipe combined into a composite heat sink, Is widely used in graphics cards, CPU and other important computer processors(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales).