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Dragon Team in Kerchan--Four followers, Women's masculinity

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on :2017-11-29
As a high tech enterprise with more than ten years development in advertising player field, Kerchan not only ownes excellent design and production ability, but also have great sales team. Kerchan(android tablet supplier china) develop faster and stonger with these super sales teams.      

Today we wanna show you our dragon team, having four beautiful ladies with strong power. They are Elsa、Sina、Crystal、Emma, the main product they are specialized in is hand sanitizar billboard. Though all of them are women, but they are as great as man, even better than man. They won a lot of rewards and prizes, like sales winner, the best moring meeting team, the best customer developing team and so on. Everyone is exellent and their team member execution and cooperatin is also perfect. Active working and live attitude make them win the respect.                                                   

Elsa won the Millions of fame in October with 176 million sales performance. As the lead of dragon team, she is very strict in the team management and work really hard while other team members like outgoing Crystal who always make a lot of fun for others,  reserved Emma is strict in working, Sina is smart and intellectual. They work complementarily, thus shape a great team. We believe they will do better and better in the future work to realize their values and bring values to the company.     Of course, there are also other great team, like Jaguar team, Eagle team. We will introduce them to let you know in the future report. Kindly  pay attention to Kerchan website: