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Face LCD advertisement screen market what technology will rise

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-04-29
Face liquid crystal advertisement machine market, will have the rise of what technology

1. Participation in new technologies

Faced with more and more manufacturers to participate in the LCD advertising machine consumer sales, it's market competition is growing. Usually, the major manufacturers are coincidentally coupled with artificial intelligence technology, hope to be able to participate in the progress of the competitiveness of the new technology.

Artificial intelligence is a new technology which has been widely spread recently. The most eye-catching is the face recognition and voice recognition these two functions, face recognition for example in the LCD advertising machine ticket checking technology on the direct scanning of the face can go through, and voice recognition needs to go through the voice directly activated command, such as "I want to see pictures" "I want to listen to music" and so on. These functions use the classical computing of human-computer interaction, the difference is only the size of the database and the flexibility of the response. Now, as always, and manufacturers will take this technology to a new level, is not only able to face and voice recognition, but also intelligent face speech recognition. By recognizing different faces and voices, we can enter relative forms and pictures. For example, if we recognize the voice of a child, we will enter the child form. Not only that, but more and more artificial intelligence is beginning to recognize dialects, which brings great convenience to users. Then, of course, the price goes up.

At present, although the LCD advertising machine got such a big pause, still have to face a big fight. Because the current artificial intelligence technology is still very thin, not perfect, can only be compared to the identification of simple words and problems, complex problems cannot be identified for the time being; Not only that, we all know that the outdoor environment is a very complex environment, in which the real effect of voice interaction is yet to be tested. Therefore, in the high-tech field, everyone is the first point of attack, there is no definition of who wins and who loses.

2. The use of new technologies

With the participation of new technology, the major LCD advertising machine manufacturers are busy into the study of new technology category, then not let people have such a question: in the end, the study of new technology is to beat the peer or to better provide services for users?

Almost every manufacturer touts its technology, inventing different words to absorb consumers. However good the technology is, it still has to go back to the user layer. For users, the evaluation of an LCD advertising machine is good to see three points: first, brightness can reach the user wants the effect; Second, whether the resolution can meet the daily use; Thirdly, as an intelligent terminal, whether it can be humanized enough, especially for the optimization of picture quality of large-sized screen can be in place.

We Kerchan believe: technology research should not be done to beat the peer, more should not use the invention of new technology vocabulary to mislead consumers, but should be updated from time to time, based on the user's position, for consumers. Unfortunately, the usual market situation is not pessimistic.