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Floor stand screens

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-09-26
Safety, stability, personality, green, energy-saving advertising machine.  Product features: Stable and Luxurious; excellent performance without losing stability; equal attention to safety and personality; Green energy saving. 

Product Characteristic:
1.Flexible mobility: support moving and placing to any location.
2.Play diversity: Play any pictures, text, video, sound, and most other formats of documents.
3.Timely editing:At any time to edit, modify, add, delete content.We can operate directly on this machine or by network online operation.Also it can be set up the playlist content in advance and play automatically every day.
4.Rich effect: Video, pictures and text can be switched at will without interference.The program looks colorful and bright.   
5.All setting and contents upgrade can be done by any internet(WiFi/RG45/3G/4G)Widely used:

Floor stand machine can be widely used in party and government offices, banks, electricity, mobile, telecommunications charges, business halls, hotel lobbies, exhibition centers, museums, shopping malls, schools, automobile 4S shops and so on. The main functions are used to preach policies and regulations, political news, real-time broadcasting, timely release of knowledge propaganda, outstanding figures reported, fashion posters,  notice of major events broadcast, advertisement, propaganda, culture teaching, lectures, presentations, meetings, and guide the time display, media, video broadcasting, centralized information display and dissemination connected PC from anywhere.Advertising machine is one of the best channels for the timely reporting and publicity of corporate image and government policy.