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Four key points raise retail sales rate up through advertising machines

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-23
For retailers, how to make advertising machines better promote sales or enhance the audience's buying experience is the most important thing.

Must be at or near the horizon, within the normal range but not above this range; be placed where shoppers see it naturally, not easily overlooked. Clever retailers put the screen at the end of the store's corridor or the wall that people can easily see, greatly increasing the reach of the advertising machine is seen by people, which can play a significant role in the communication of information.
The content information being played is related to the environment in which it is being played, and will be a shopping guide for consumers to purchase the product. For example, placed in the shampoo counter near the advertising machine, then it broadcast shampoo ads will undoubtedly affect the consumer's buying psychology. At the same time, it is also necessary to take into account the traffic and time periods of the area, so as to achieve better results when the flow of people is large and the business hours at the same time.
The retailer's screen network is just as important as the systems that run other stores. Through the Internet will be a large number of advertising together, content replacement and dissemination.
When the same items produce different sales results in different areas of the same department, there is a clue that content needs to be directed to different people. When the sale of promotional products starts to fall, it tells the business people that the content needs to be updated.