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Hand Sanitizing Billboard, Enterprise image promoter

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-14
Brand is the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and it is also the image of the enterprise. The image of the company is very important to the market.The cognition of the consumer to the enterprise is directly related to the profit to the company. So how to enhance the corporate image and brand service? In fact, in addition to their own need to strengthen their own tangible products and advertising promotion, the intangible part of the service is also crucial.
Many enterprises through the chain stores, especially in the restaurant chain, retail and other industries, by placing the Hand Sanitizing Billboard  in the store,not only visually enhance the unity of the grade and effect, but also from the service harvest consumer's heart.

The  Hand Sanitizing Billboard is a combination of digital signage and automatic dispenser device. The digital signage part can provide advertisement playing, video, picture and other high-definition broadcasts, which can intuitively impact the consumers' visual impact. The automatic  Hand Sanitizing Billboard part provides the hand-washing disinfectant to facilitate the hand-washing and sterilizing of consumers and maintain the health. Meanwhile, consumers can actively stop and watch advertisements when they wash hands, so as to achieve better advertising results.

Why do you say to the Hand Sanitizing Billboard can enhance corporate image? First of all, environmental protection and health have been the mainstream of the current society. Handwashing disinfection can help consumers stay healthy and win the favor of consumers. Advertising machine with not only played a role in promoting publicity and without disgusting users. Second, the unified Hand Sanitizing Billboard, to make chain stores more grades, a unified configuration is even more business standards and brands, consumers can win the good impression on the business. Finally, the Hand Sanitizing Billboard is a relative to the subway, bus and other large-scale advertising investment minimum, and crowd positioning more accurate advertising, smaller investment, more accurate positioning, higher returns.