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Hand Sanitizing Billboard-The best "soft" advertising communication form

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-29
Kerchan has focused on the development and production of advertising display, aim at providing high-quality advertising solutions for global customers.After investigating a variety of customer needs, as well as in-depth study of the audience, the market and so on,We launched the Hand Sanitizing Billboard, which is a brand-new advertising machine, aiming at how to make advertisements more effective, how to make advertisements more acceptable, and how to make advertising machines no longer just a kind of advertising machine, and we have done it. The novelty of the Hand Sanitizing Billboard lies in that the advertisement is not regenerated hard, and the distance between the user and the advertisement is narrowed. Meanwhile, the communication of the advertisement become more profound and effective.When the enterprise decide to purchase advertisement display, certainly they hope to obtain the actual effect,not just for decoration, so you can try our Hand Sanitizing Billboard , this is one kind of best solution.

Hand Sanitizing Billboard is a combination of digital signage and automatic liquid feeder, digital signage provides video and pictures to play, so as to realize the function of advertising display,and the  Hand Sanitizing Billboard is a automatic liquid feeder which provide users with hand disinfection. When users use hand sanitizer, they will watching the ads Unconsciously, so the advertising is very impressive, and this is an automatic way to get information, rather than mandatory spread, so advertising effect is very good. Hand Sanitizing Billboard can be used in chain restaurants, retail stores, they can play video about discount information, latest food information and new shop discount and so on, so as to facilitate transactions,this is an intuitive and effective way.