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Hand sanitizing billboard application in restaurant

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-02
Hand sanitizing billboard composed two parts, part one is digital signage, part two is auto-hand dispenser. Digital signage support play high resolution videos and pictures, support split screen,rolling text, and even support 3rd party apk installation. advertisement content could be updated via CMS while devices connected with WIFI or Ethernet.
Part of automatic dispenser is automatically distributed through the sensor, automatic distribution of up to 650000 times the capacity, can accommodate the sterilization bottle volume of 2400ml, to meet the long and high frequency of the use of demand.

Fast food chain is the gathering of high traffic, where the digital signage to play the store's discount and promotional information can achieve very good results, then how to make the participation of consumers become higher? The dispenser advertising machine gives the best answer, through the automatic distribution of hand sanitizer, not only to help consumers wash their hands before the meal to keep healthy, but also allows users to close contact and read the ads at the same time, Offer information, better than hard advertising has a good effect. At the same time, by placing the advertising machine to increase consumer interaction, not only to enhance the grade of shops, but also to promote the sale of preferential products.
Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) in the advertising industry has more than 10 years of technical and production experience, has excellent independent innovation capability,hand sanitizing billboard is one of Kerchan's product,its on the fast food chain stores and sales have a huge role in promoting.