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Happy Birthday--Birthday Morning Meeting in KERCHAN

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-11
Birthday is a special day that everyone is born with, which records growth and memory. In KERCHAN(open frame monitor manufacturer), each employee's birthday is celebrated together and have fun.

 Today's birthday is hosted by He Jianhong. Before uncovering the theme of the birthday party, she adopted a series of interesting games to revive the atmosphere. 8 peoples were elected and were blindfolded then to blow table tennis out of a bowl. the first person who finished this will be the winner, while the loser needs to be punished. It is important to note that the table tennis bowl was full of flour. The game must be very interesting. Then the exciting game began, they all sucked to blow table tennis even floured their faces. 

The next topic is important. This month is the birthday of 4 members. Two of them were on sick leave unfortunately, so only shawn and elsa were here. Shawn is a good leader, led the team continue to achieve better performance. Elsa,the supervisor of Dragon Team, who is specialized in selling hand sanitizer advertising machine,spared no efforts for the company. Finally,losers in the game had to send blessings. We also invited the business director Janice to offer them the best wishes.

Time flies, we are about to reach the end of 2017, there still a short way to each our sales target.This month is the sprint stage to make us a happy ending. Let’s give our best wishes to those birthday guys and we hope that all of them can fulfill their dream in KERCHAN(android tablet supplier china).