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Happy work, begining with the game morning meeting

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-27
Happy work, happy life is not only kerchan to create entrepreneurial spirit, but also kerchan(open frame monitor manufacturer) founder of life and work attitude. The history of the morning games is also very long. Through various creative morning games, people are temporarily freed from the pressure and rush of work and enjoy the activities of many kinds of activities. During the process of participating, they exercise their own multi-faceted Ability to relax stress is very effective.                          
Today's morning meeting is hosted by the Drogan team's crystal. Their team is responsible for the sales of liquid advertising machines. The theme of the morning meeting is dance. Unlike the previous dance, which is a children's class, of course, the company There are many married colleagues, may also be accompanied by children to learn this type of dance, children's dance is the most important thing for everyone to enjoy the innocence of the fun, in simple, lively, naive dance fun, free-form dance is Full of  challenges.

The last three teams are very attentive arrangement of the dance, full participation is also very interesting, feel the team's cooperation is very powerful, a group of big children bounce, as if back to childhood, naive and romantic, happy to enjoy the dance.                    
Kerchan is such a free group(android tablet supplier china), where everyone can find their own stage to play, as long as you have the talent, thinking, here must be your best show stage.