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Heat dissipation method for digital signage

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-09
Today, display device heat dissipation is divided into the following main ways, heat pipes, fans, water cooling and other waysThe first two belong to passive heat dissipation, and the latter belongs to active cooling.           
In the thermal field, heat sink is the most typical passive cooling element, in addition to the heat pipe  is the growing popularity of the passive radiating element in recent  years.                           
High thermal conductivity is still the main direction of the development of technology. Although aluminum or copper has good heat conductivity, light weight and easy processing, the silver heat conduction effect is better, due to the cost is too expensive,they are usually not used.In our daily use, it will also be assisted with heat transfer ointment, such as our common computer inside the "silicone".                     
The heat pipe is another common passive cooling solutions. Because of light weight, fast temperature, it has the characteristics of excellent heat conduction.So heat pipe using a wide range of application in all kinds of heat exchangers, cooler and other different application fields.               
The most common type of active cooling is the use of motors to drive fan blades .In addition to which  installation in computer chassis and power supply .Heat sink combinated with heat sink and heat pipe is widely used in display card, CPU and other important computer processors.                
Water cooling is the use of liquid whichis driven by the pump with forced circulation to take away the heat of the radiato.     
Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, cooling, stability and little dependence on the environment.The heat dissipation performance of the water cooled radiator is proportional to the flow velocity of the cooling liquid (water or other liquid).The flow rate of the refrigerant is related to Pump power.Moreover, the heat capacity of the water is large, which makes the water cooling system have good thermal load capacity.Also,equivalent of 5 times the air-cooled system,The direct benefit is that the operating temperature curve of the related components is very smooth.