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How Do Businessmen Use the Advertising Machine According to Their Stay Time?

As we all know, businesses can place different styles of advertising machines and advertising content according to different places,  but there is also an important factor in the audience's dwell time. So, how exactly does the audience stay for the time to set up advertising content?

Here are some tips for setting up ad content for audiences with different dwell times:

1. passers-by: stay time: 1-30 seconds
Digital signage locations: corridors, no lobby entrances, etc. people passing by but kept the place.
Digital signage layout: a large layout with current date / time / weather conditions. No video, no ticket machine, only need a short picture information can be.

2. waiting: stay time: 30-120 seconds
Digital signage location: cashier or reception desk; these people stay a relatively short time position.
Digital signage layout: 2 large layouts with current time / date / weather.  Do not need a long video, just a short video and picture information can be.

3. leisure: stay time: 2-30 minutes
Digital signage position: a seating area, a lounge, a restaurant, etc. all seats are available.
Digital signage layout: 3 large layout, you can set anything, without limiting the complexity of content types and layout, more than ten minutes can also add live TV.
Of course, these are only some suggestions, and how to set up advertising content should be determined according to the specific circumstances.