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How LCD advertising screen to attract a large number of customers?

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-04-11
With the continuous progress of science and technology, the application of the industry advertising machine is also more and more, you know, The Times are constantly in progress and change, want to stand still have to rely on media publicity. But only on the surface of the publicity is difficult to maintain, the cost is high, how to use advertising machine to make your enterprise more outstanding, to attract more customers.

A few years ago, most of the LCD advertising machines used in the market are stand-alone versions. To replace the commercials, the SD card or U disk must be replaced, which not only causes a waste of human resources but also cannot accurately place advertisements. With the gradual expansion of domestic commercial and consumer environment, the demand for advertising is also growing, digital, network, information multimedia embedded advertising machine has become a major highlight of the advertising media market.

With the LCD AD machine, users can realize centralized control, scheduled management and multimedia content transmission through the network. Where the wiring infrastructure does not meet network connectivity, WLAN functions are optional. When integrating the TV function into the advertising application, you can also choose to use the TV tuner with HDMI to bring the hd video and audio experience to the advertisers. Network background operation brings great convenience for dynamic advertising information release and maximizes the flexibility of digital advertising application.

Support wide area network of LCD advertising machine, for the LCD building advertising industry to bring a new opportunity, this network based on IP access control LCD advertising machine, compared to the traditional card playing single building advertising machine has great advantages:

1, advertising management becomes more flexible, more fast: the traditional LCD advertising machine needs to pre-arrange the program broadcast list, how to cast in the network, generally good arrangement, need a long time to implement, and a round of replacement is very inconvenient, need a lot of manpower; Electronic network version of the LCD advertising machine is easy to solve this problem, all the network layout program, replacement, interrupt, broadcast arrangement only need to be in the server management end with software control, issued a command. It can be said that an advertisement can be put on the designated outlets in various cities overnight, which is very fast and the labor cost is almost zero.

2. It is very convenient to maintain the advertising content: after the traditional advertising machine needs to copy the content with the computer first, the CF card will be replaced by the professional staff in the advertising machine network, which will cause a waste of human resources and low efficiency; Electronic network version of the open advertising machine, through the Internet IP access, in the office through the control of the host, will be updated directly to the content uploaded to the advertising machine, but also can be deleted, sorted, set the rules of broadcast, broadcast control, etc., a few minutes can be easily done, and save a lot of labor costs.

3, the customer cast, change the program, more simple, can provide more humanized advertising control: for example, a customer can take turns in a week to play different advertising content, set up more convenient to change, so that the customer's investment in advertising to achieve good returns, have greater potential to attract customers

If your LCD AD screen wants to be in a place where people walk by, a program that lasts 10 seconds is a long time. Five to 10 seconds on the road may be fine, but longer messages are needed where people will stand and wait or where there is time to watch content.

Professional marketers insist that less than three seconds of content can get consumers to notice your message. When you start creating content, LCD advertisers assume that each message lasts about 15 seconds.

LCD is not a TV, but in some cases it can be too long, and sometimes it can be too short. It's true that time and effort are spent on how to create high-quality content, but if no one pays attention to the issue of time, all of it will be in vain. The assumption is that the content is too long, affecting the consumer to make a decision time, that is a failure.

The length of the playlist is basically determined by the location of the screen and how long the viewer can interact with it. In places such as waiting rooms for patients, LCD makers need to provide in-depth information that can be played for long periods of time. Or you can understand: LCD advertising machine reasonable content update method, customers in need can be through the LCD advertising machine to understand information, information dissemination in the natural, users are more easily accepted, can directly enhance the user's sense of ease, improve satisfaction.

The interaction between the industry and customers continues to grow, with both advertisers and network operators thriving. The frontier towns of geographic expansion face the challenge of bringing their products to market, which is also the constant challenge of the open digital media industry.