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How To Turn Your Digital Signage Into A Real Estate Marketing Tool

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  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2019-03-04

Real estate is one of those industries that need innovation to shake things up. Revisiting the old-fashioned approach results in more and more agents implementing the digital real estate signage.
Here’s our extensive guide on how you can up your marketing game using the real estate digital signage software.
Display the market trends
Depending on whether you sell or rent out the properties, you can show the appropriate market situation and stats. This can help you to influence your potential customers by letting them know the latest market trends is or how good the mortgage rate in this neighbourhood is.
Showcase the neighbourhood and local community
When people make up their mind whether to buy or rent a place, the lifestyle of the neighbourhood and community means a lot.

Real estate digital signage software allows you to showcase videos, pictures, news, events, and updates of the local community. Make sure your clients see how locals live there and let them imagine their future life in this environment.
Improve your open house tours using the real estate digital signage
Digital signage for real estate agencies can be very useful in optimizing your home tours scheduling.
All you need to do is use your displays to show the free dates and let users sign up for the home tour (utilizing the touchscreen features).
You can also use digital signage to let the guests know if the house is open for the open house now and show the hours of operation.
Share stories, not just testimonials
Standard testimonials and small feedback texts are boring and rarely representative enough. That’s what you had to use when you didn’t have an opportunity to use dynamic content feeds.

Digital real estate signage allows you to tell stories. Storytelling is one of the essential digital marketing tools out there – they sell.
Use the signage displays to show the stories of happy families and individuals who had a chance to work with your agency or with you as their real estate agent. Empathy is everything.
Manage your database of the more accurate listings
Digital signage software for real estate allows you to keep your listings database easily accessible and always up-to-date.
When you set up your signage displays, the dynamic feed will serve as a tool to create a customized catalogue of listings with detailed lists of amenities, photos, and extensive descriptions.
This is a great way to supplement outdated listings from MLS with blurry photos and no other information.
Show the amenities and closest entertainment points
Real estate digital signage is the best when it comes to navigating potential homeowners and tenants through the amenities of the neighbourhood.
Ability to scroll the map, see the places nearby and calculate the commute time is a crucial part of lifestyle planning.
Target specific audiences
Whether you try to sell a single-family house or rent out a small apartment for students, you’ll face the need of dividing your audience into two (or more) target groups.

Digital signage in real estate allows you to simultaneously launch different dynamic content streams with videos, pictures, infographics, metrics, and slogans. This helps you to deliver different sets of content to different target groups.
Launch a set of live house view cameras
One of the most revolutionizing examples of digital signage in real estate is using cameras to launch virtual tours. This allows agents to save time visiting the property numerous times daily. It also gives tenants a chance to see the property without the hassle of scheduling the tour before to the visit.
Digital signage in real estate is about to become that new tool that will help to stand out among your competitors and boost your conversion. People love interactiveness, not just listings with blurry old pictures. Digital signage lets you produce complex content and deliver it in a simple and efficient way.