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How a furniture store delivered digital signage for the holidays

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  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2019-02-20

The holiday season is one of the most difficult times for brick-and-mortar retailers, as they have to compete with one another and online retailers for customers. Digital signage can help boost both sales for beleaguered retailers, as long as they integrate it with the larger customer experience。

Retailers that use digital signage as part of the broader customer experience will find a much greater opportunity for return value when it comes to improving holiday sales.

Making life easier
Customers can often feel overwhelmed during the holidays, and retailers can use digital signage to actually help improve their moods while shopping. Business intelligence platforms, for example, can trigger advertisements based on customer moods and emotions, Hicks said. These platforms can utilize camera analytics to analyze customer's faces to see if they are happy, sad or tired.

The intelligence of these systems drives response from content management and inventory systems as to trigger content tailored for that individual. By reacting to buyer behavior and preferences instead of just pushing out information, digital signs work to engage customers in the store with more timely and relevant communications.

Retailers need to deliver relevant information and not simply push constant self-promotion and "visual noise."

Engage customers and employees
In order to maximize digital signage's effectiveness, retailers should use the technology to engage both customers and employees. Using digital signage not just to push sales but also to offer key information to customers and employees.

Use immersive experiences
Retailers need to engage with customers on a deeper level than just sales pushes. Retailers can stand out from the digital noise by is offering immersive and interactive experiences for their customers.

Personalized content and interactivity offer two winning strategies for shopper engagement. A touchscreen with layers of product choices, a video wall with selectable clips, or a thrilling VR experience where shoppers can try before they buy is three ways that a retailer can drive a customer experience through digital signage.

This can be as simple as delivering cheerful imagery around the store.

In the end, the key to successful digital signage during the holidays is to "captivate" customers' imaginations and "immerse them in the retail environment."