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How digital signage helped a Swedish luxury retailer elevate customer experience

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  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2019-02-14
Retailers are increasingly using digital signage as they recognize its benefits for improving the customer experience. Some older brands are also beginning to adopt digital signage as they realize that it can integrate with any environment. One luxury retailer, Nordiska Kompaniet based in Stockholm, Sweden, discovered how digital signage could improve customer experience without disturbing its sober brand image.
Nordiska Kompaniet first opened its department store in 1915 in Stockholm, in a house with marble walls and floors. In fact, the Swedish government lists the building as a historical site. Its founder Josef Sachs aimed to make NK, "a commercial and cultural theatre — a scene for the present," according to NK's site. The brand has an additional location in Gothenburg, Sweden.
NK provides a variety of luxury clothes, furniture, beauty products, books, music, restaurants and cafes. Around 12 million customers visit the Stockholm location annually.
In order to stay up-to-date as a cultural theatre and connect with its large customer base, Nordiska Kompaniet teamed up with Visual Art, a Swedish digital signage provider, to deploy more than 70 displays throughout its store, according to a press release.

"We made the choice to use digital signage in order to provide more options for our departments and brands when communicating with customers in a store," Hanna Blom, head of PR, Nordiska Kompaniet, said in an email. "As it's a fast-moving content-driven channel we are able to market our products in a more creative, agile and inspirational way than we would with traditional print signage."
The retailer, however, needed digital signage that would blend in well with its marble and brass environment, even while delivering bright content for wayfinding and marketing.

"Since NK is so well known and loved a brand, we had to make sure that the digital signage would blend into the environment seamlessly," Stefan Noble, founder, Visual Art, said in an email. "Every placement and drill hole had to be approved by a curator."
In order to make the displays blend in with the environment, Visual Art performed a bit of artistic illusion with the display's mounting. Although the displays were actually mounted to the wall by traditional enclosures, Visual Art also attached tanned leather straps on the top of the displays and hung them around marble pegs in the wall, making it appear that the straps are holding the display up.
For the actual display casings, Visual Art also worked with NK's architectures to develop brass casings for the displays, to create a more luxurious feel to the displays.
"The contrast between the updated modern feeling that the screens give the store, and the brass and leather casings holding them to the walls, have allowed us to preserve the historical charm of a 100-year-old building at the same time as introducing modern, digital touches," Blom said.
NK has used these displays to market their products quickly and efficiently, according to Blom. This has, in turn, helped drive foot traffic around the entire store.
"Digital signage adds movement and feeling to otherwise static environments, increasing the experience the customer has of the store being a place buzzing with movement, people and inspiration," Blom said.
Noble also emphasized how this content helped provide "subtle movements," which fit in well with NK's brand image. He views digital signage in luxury environments as an art project as much as a technology project.
"As with all art projects, you have to put your soul into it with a lot of love," Noble said.