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How to Choose the Vertical Advertising Machine

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-25
Vertical advertising machine standing on the ground in the form of standing up,it is considered to be the ground type advertising machine, vertical advertising machines and other concepts,it can be designed as horizontal screen and vertical screen,etc.In recent years, with the continuous development of vertical LCD advertising machine technology and the continuous expand of  the scope of application,we need to pay attention to these following points in the purchase process of  ground type advertising machine :

First, in the purchase process ,do not blindly pursuit of  high-definition, because the high-definition display products is not only expensive but also restricted by the environment of the network, therefore, the user should take into account their own network environment, cost budget and application characteristics of the industry at the time of purchase, to avoid unnecessary waste.
Second, in the purchase of products,do not blindly pursuit of multiple functions, more functions means increase in cost and the selling price , while the ensuing multi power consumption, more complex operation is also a problem to be considered.
Third, choose x86 or embedded Linux design according to their own needs. In fact, they both  have advantages, and your best choice is to mix them  in a unified management network and taking into account a variety of use requirements, to ensure the scalability of  the system.
At present, the content design of vertical LCD advertising machine products has become more and more targeted, Kerchan group has more than 10 years' experience, with independent and innovative R & D production technology abundant products.The hand santizer billboard is widely used in vertical advertising machine, which is a combination of advertising machine and liquid feeder, on the one hand,it has the basic properties of advertising machine, on the other hand, it add  the liquid feeder, users can use it to wash hand, etc.,it  has been widely used in the chain restaurant , etc,and it can be used in a variety of environments nowadays.