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How to use advertisement machine to attract customer‘s eye

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan
  • Release on:2019-04-19

Advertising screen is widely used intransportation, medical care, shopping malls, retail, education, government,enterprises and other industries and fields, in the visual sense experience isincreasingly sought after today, Advertising screen in the content to attractmore eyeballs, let people willing to "stop", in order to maximize thecommercial value of Advertising screen.

1. Quality content design is indispensable

Use high definition, interesting pictures. Thestudy found that people responded more positively to high-definition images andwere more likely to view them more than once.

Content can be combined with the currenthot design, can give people a sense of refreshing.

The necessary visual impact is verycontemporary and impressive.

2. Practical and diversified contents

Advertising screen not only has forbusinesses to display products, information delivery and other practicalfunctions, in the content can also be appropriate for the product irrelevant,but people need information, such as date, time, weather, news, etc., whichwill effectively attract people's attention.

3, real-time updates do not lazy

To make effective use of Advertisingscreen, you must be ready to update the content at any time, if often playoutdated content, will reduce the utilization of Advertising screen and lowbusiness credibility. Especially clothing stores, enterprises, such asAdvertising screen, to ensure that the screen content update frequency at leasttwice a week is good.

Many public places, such as airports,subways and stations, may have fixed signs. The solution is simple: keep thecontent the same and change the way it is presented.

4. Change the layout

Draw attention by constantly changing theimages around the text content on the screen. Even if the playlist does notchange, the change of the overall layout will give people a sense of freshness.

5. The length of advertisement should becontrolled

Since people are likely to stay for only ashort time or pass through the Advertising screen, it is necessary to controlthe length of the advertising and content broadcast. Keep playback time short,which allows for multiple loops of content.

For example, if there are 60 messages in aloop and each message is played for 10 seconds, that means it takes 10 minutesfor the message to be played over and over again, which is obviously a longtime. If you keep your playlist of 20 items and change them daily, people willremember the information presented more easily over time.

6. Interactive experience is very important

People can through the Advertising screencontact interaction function, independent operation to choose its interested inthe product, the order of reading information, speed, etc. It can also endinformation query, coupon printing, non-cash transactions and so on. The degreeof interactive experience enhances the shopping experience of consumers, andthe number of products purchased and sold and the conversion rate are improved.