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Hu Ben's division--Kerchan team honors show

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-25
Morale is the first element of the army, no morale of the army is no fighting, but can not give the enemy to deter. One of Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales)'s culture is to rank the army in the first place, pay attention to discipline and execution, pay attention to the team and obey.

Dragon team , who are responsible for hand sanitizing billboard;  Eagle team, they are responsible for the digital signage; Jaguar team, mainly responsible for small size advertising display and Android tablet. There are also Tiger team and Wolf team participated in the morale of the show, the contents of the show for the military training subjects, increased the team slogan, personal goals and other links, scoring standards will be based on morale, reunification, etc.

The next step is the morale of each team show, the first appearance is the Tiger team, they showed excellent unity and superior morale, won the audience applause; followed by the Dragon, although on stage is three girls, but their voice and momentum not lose boys. The next Jaguar team , Eagle team and Wolf  team also showed good morale,  Everyone has shown a good discipline and morale.

Finally,Kerchan general manager Simon for the morale show made a comment, based on some of the current situation to do the analysis, and made a prospect for the future,believe in the next few years, under the leadership of Simon, we will reach a new level together with Kerchan and harvest wealth!