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Interactive Digital Signage Advertising Displays

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-04
For storekeepers, everyone is their potential customers.Passing the information of their products is actually advertising.When we know that there is such a product, we will go to buy this product, and then make profit from it.
Radio, television, leaflets, these old propaganda media, we can call them the old media. As the old media can be seen often, customers tend to refuse them. If customers initiative to get the information of them, otherwise most of customers refuse them. How can this be a good publicity effect? Is there any new media propaganda? Interactive digital signage advertising players are the latest and most attractive way of advertising.               
They are often be seen on commercial buildings,supermarkets, hospitals, KTV, community, restaurants, subway and other places, through which we can always keep abreast of the latest information, acquire valuable information.      
The demands of market advertisement is increasing in recent years, which also boosts the development of digital signage advertising displays. In using audio, video and text interaction in the LCD screen, advertising displays show more vivid, creative ads, which are the future of the mainstream. In the support of mature system, advertising displays new application areas will continue to be developed. 
Through the advertising display touch interactive features, customers can choose to know the product information which they are intersted in, choose the reading sequence and speed. Also it can complete the information query, set the non-cash transactions, coupons printing and etc. Which greatly enhances the shopping experience of customers, enhances the shopping enjoyment of customers' and further enhances the success rate and transaction volume of commodity transactions.