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Kerchan Apprentice System -- School culture for learning

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-22
Kerchan (android tablet supplier china)Apprentice, it's a rite of passage for a new employee.After new employee enter to Kerchan,the company will give the new appointment an experienced staff as a teacher to lead him.The role of the teacher is self-evident. It not only helps newcomers to understand  the company's environment, processes and systems, but also helps them in business knowledge, products and even life. This is a very important process, It is also a very solemn ceremony.

Today's morning session host is Shawn. Unlike the past apprentice, today's morning meeting is no longer a new employee to apprentice, but the moderator leads everyone to trace the origin of this kind meeting.The host invited two colleagues on stage, the two are Elsa and Judy, they are not only the company's veteran staff, entry are more than three years, but also the management of the enterprise,respectively to the sanitizing billboard team leader and small size LCD advertising team leader.At the same time they have just got millions of sales last month, what is the special significance of the Apprenticeship?They are also from the development of new employees up to now, in the process of growing up is also inseparable from the teacher's leadership and company training, so they very much agree with the system of apprenticeship, but also hope that later newcomers can quickly integrate into this big Kerchan family.

In the end, the two team members also came to power, thanks to their supervisors and teachers for their guidance and training, but also hope that in the future they can live up to the teacher's teaching, early achievement of outstanding performance, for themselves, as a team , Bring honor to the enterprise!