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Kerchan Birthday Party - - Love,Growth and Accompany

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-08
Everyone has a lifetime holiday from birth which is BIRTHDAY. Every birthday in life has become a symbol of growth and memory. At Kerchan(android tablet supplier china), the company attaches great importance to the personal training and growth of its employees, paying more attention to the birthday of each employee. It is also memorable for the company to accompany and bless everyone at the most important moment in their life.

Today also ushered in the birthday of four families, the host ingenuity first through the balloon game, so that everyone happy to play together, the final score of the lowest group stood on stage, this time suddenly announced that today's four the protagonist debut, we react before turned out to be a birthday party, the lowest score of a group(open frame monitor manufacturer) will also be happy to sing birthday song, along with the song, beautiful birthday cake also debut, the birthday they promised their beautiful wish, with The blessing and love of all the family members of the company, blow out the candles, wish their dreams will come true.

One of the most important cultures of Kerchan (digital signage wholesales china)is the army, school and family. So in Kerchan's family, everyone is not only a colleague, but also cooperates and supports each other in their work. At the same time, they are also family members who take care of each other in life and encourage each other to contribute to the realization of personal value and prosperity of the enterprise A part of their own strength!