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Kerchan Jaguar team-Jaguar attack, only we are the champion

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-04
As a high-tech enterprise with a history of more than 10 years in the advertising industry. Kerchan not only possesses excellent independent R & D and production capabilities, but also have many excellent sales teams. It was with these excellent sales teams that Kerchan business sales could increase year by year and toward prosperity step by step.      
Today, we going to show you the Jaguar team.Jaguar team is mainly responsible for sales of small size advertising displays, including android advertising displays and open frame advertising displays.Jaguar team is not only a dynamic team, but also a team which full of strength. Jaguar team has totally six people, now is directly led by business manager Miles, who is very handsome, serving Kerchan for 5 years, one of the members of million Hall. He not only is the company management member but also the backbone of the business, contributes himself to Kerchan development. Lily, who is a sport master, you can not believe that she has a strong heart and body with sportsmanship under her shy appearance. Bella, a girl who combines beauty with wisdom, dedicating her youth to the fulfillment of her own worth. The lovely newcomer Dola, who joined Kerchan not too long ago, also shows her talents. Small and charming Zhou Li, she obviously can rely on her high face score(she is beautiful), but rely on her ability. Kin, who is highly cultured and steeped in propriety, when other members need help, she always can give a hand.  Such excellent and lovely members, formed such a remarkable team. They have numerous honor and awards, for example, sales champion team, the best morning meeting team, the best pioneer and so on.                                                                            
I believe in the future of work and life, Jaguar team's performance can be like their slogan,only we are the champion.Of course, Kerchan also has more teams, we will show you in follow-up reports. So please stay tuned in Kerchan company