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Kerchan Octorber awards ceremony

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-11-13
The October Commendation Ceremony was held today in Guangming Ding, mainly for families who achieved outstanding results in October. Simon, the general manager of the company, also attended the commendation ceremony. 

Commendation is also the content of the best pioneers, individual sales champion, the team sales champion and the best morning team, the best pioneer and personal sales champion belong to the same person, she is the tiger-wolf team May, but also the backbone of the company(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales), with excellent business ability and cheerful personality, so that she can maintain the forefront of customer development and performance,hope that more people can learn from her. 

The team's sales champion and the best morning session team also belong to the Jaguar team, they are mainly in charge of small size advertising display and Android tablet, in October they achieved good results, which beat other teams,For Jaguar team,this year It is also the first time to get the sales champion. The morning session of the team's award is in their daily morning meeting, they played their own ideas, 

for everyone brought a lot of wonderful morning, to pay their thanks to say! In kerchan, just dare to fight, you may also stand on sales champion position, enjoy the cheers and worship, harvest flowers, applause and money. kerhcna more welcome to join people with lofty ideals, together to achieve prosperity and dreams!