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Kerchan Third Quarter Summary

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Kerchan News
  • Release on:2018-10-25
Time flies, our company is going to enter its 12th year in a month and a half. In this 12 years, from the beginning of some groups, due to our constant efforts, hundreds of companies, our customers around the world, our screens used at various places have developed, we are very fortunate, always meet in our support Customers from the initial acquaintance to the last friend, now the time is a very wonderful thing.

Last week we had the company's third quarter review and accreditation conference.

Dozens of new colleagues September in the United States. Prepare new products for launch.

In addition to the constant development of business, continuous growth of the company, employees also need to work hard to improve, so fresh blood involvement becomes a compulsory step. It is also due to today's best existence.

Apart from the hard work of our partners, the most important thing is that our customers have support. Therefore, quarterly travel to our customers has become an indispensable link between us and our customers. By understanding only the needs of the customers, can we ensure that we can serve customers satisfactorily and resolve their problems.

To make more choices to customers, we have developed more products so that customers have more options and the best thing for us to help customers is.

Hopefully in the future, we will work hard and make customers more satisfied