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Kerchan's Hand Sanitizing Billboard

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2018-01-04
Kerchan(android tablet supplier china) is a high-tech enterprise which is in the leading position in the domestic advertising machine industry,through the independent research, development and innovation.At present, there are many advertising machines for different places and rich functions,now I want to talk about the Hand Sanitizing Billboard,It has a very wide range of uses, and has won numerous acclaims since it came into the market. At the same time, it is also have a very good advertising effect for the customers who use the Hand Sanitizing Billboard

The main body of the dispenser is composed of  two parts, the first part is the digital signage for advertising, which is mainly used for advertising advertisements, such as HD videos, pictures, announcements, preferential information and so on, the other part is the automatic liquid feeder, through the built-in hand sanitizer, the automatic liquid dispenser will provide the hand washing disinfectant automatically through the rules set first. This function does not need too much description. Washing hands disinfection is very important in the catering industry,the effect of health and cleanliness can be achieved.The Hand Sanitizing Billboard mainly used in the fast-food chain,there is a large flow of people in the fast-food chain , but with the flow of fast food, so health is very important, by placing the Hand Sanitizing Billboard , it can not only provide the best package and store new dishes by advertising display , but also provide automatic hand washing liquid at the same time, so that consumers can maintain good health habits before eating, can form a good image of  the service of  the shop, then it subsequent increase in the probability of continuous patronage.Kerchan's  Hand Sanitizing Billboard  can be placed in the locationwherever you want, while it can bring a unified image and service level to the fast-food chain stores, increase the consumer's cognitive concept of store brand, and facilitate the long-term development of the brand.