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Kerchan's advertising machine, let the ads "live" up!

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-12-01
In modern society, squandering charming color and eye full of advertising information era, traditional newspapers and magazines, leaflets, advertising has become less important, especially in the flow of consumer groups, people seldom stop to see the flyer or newspaper,can be intuitively said that in the fast-paced modern society, advertising to achieve results, the first is to attract attention, attract potential consumers; secondly, is to avoid extensive advertising, to find out their target groups, targeted advertising, reduce the waste of resources.
Compared to advertising on the media, the cost is very high, now the subway advertising, bus advertising and so on, although more effective,  but the high cost of general business unacceptable, then the general enterprise how to do effectively and save money advertising? The best solution is the advertising machine.

First of all, the type of advertising machine is very rich, large and small size can be used in a variety of places, and with targeted increase function, interaction, games and other links, can improve consumer participation, but also get the effect of advertising. In a statement, the apprance of Kerchan's advertising machine,let the ads "live" up!such as in restaurants, Through the video display of the new cuisine on the cuisine and delicious, can be more intuitive to attract consumers to try; in the fast food restaurant, through the pictures automatically replace the show the latest discount packages, allowing consumers queuing or purchasing more intuitive choice ; For businesses, through play looping corporate videos, team style, can make visitors more understanding of the business, leaving a good impression on the business.
In the age of advertisements everywhere, making more effective advertising is even more important, avoiding waste of resources and contributing to the society and environment. At the same time, it can bring direct revenue to enterprises and shops, and why not ?