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Kerchan's birthday party--Happy and moved moment

  • Author:kerchan
  • Release on:2017-10-16
Kerchan(LCD Advertising Screen wholesales) is a very loving family, we are not only colleagues,but also family and friends, so we celebrate together in each family's birthday, everyone get a lot of the harvest of blessings and moved.

October birthday party today is very different from the past,the opening is very creative, the host invited the member which birthday in October in the singing way to go on stage. No one know it is birthday party until the host announced birthday theme. Such a surprise it is. All think it is just a normal game party.  Today's birthday also have two more heavyweight figures, he is the founder of the company named Simon and the shareholder Janice. they founded and run up Kerchan together,Kerchan's development tie tightly with their's hard-working and insistance. Salute them. With everybody singing Happy birthday song, they vowed birthday wishes, blowing out the candle, a dream come true! 

The general manager Simon also shared his wishes, hope the parents being healthy, healthy growth of children, also hope the enterprises become more and more powerful, employees have more happiness, wealth in the harvest, to realize their value. This is a very loved and moved birthday party,also is a very typical family culture created by Kerchan. let us remember this moment, and then in order to realize our value, but also for Kerchan(android tablet supplier china)'s development, let us fight together!