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Kerchan we come all the way

  • Author:Katherine
  • Source:Google
  • Release on:2019-03-28

With 12 years experience of retail screen,Kerchan offer friendly-budget solutions for our customers, especially for thepoint of purchase display companies and make our customer stand out above theircompetition.

So What does Kerchan do?

Kerchan is the manufacturer based inShenzhen, China, and has been focusing on retail screens for 12 years. At thefirst stage, Kerchan only produce digital photo frames which is only forpersonal and family use. With time passing by and the increasing higher demandfor advertising market, retail screens become more and more popular, now youcan find any retail stores with a retail screen on it and playing advertisementvideos to promote their products or educate the customer then turn shoppersinto buyers.

Now the product ranges from 4.3 inch to50”, open frame and enclosed frame, suitable for different applications likebeing integrated into POP display, mounted on shelf, wall, or table stand.Function varies from play video in a loop, motion activated, push buttonactivated, or android based, with access to third party APK and to beinteractive with the customers. Recently, Kerchan also developed some new itemslike audio board for electronic products like Bluetooth speakers, headphones,etc. Also very popular stretched bar LCD screens that is welcomed for the shelfdisplays. Kerchan provide a whole solution for the retail environment.

So what is Kerchan’s feature and advantage?

Firstly, Kerchan always provide qualityproduct at reasonable price, an estimated number from our customers in UnitedStates that Kerchan can save at least 30% of your cost from localsuppliers. Kerchan focus on win-win business and had many successful case studyespecially for the pop display field. With Kerchan's competitive factory price,and the excellent before & after sales service , we help Bish win a largeretail solution market share . We believe we can help you to do the same oreven better.

Second, with more than 10 yearsmanufacturing experience in this area, KERCHAN 's screen has been shipped tomore than 70 countries all over the world. Our deep-rooted relationships andmanufacturing expertise offer great knowledge, capabilities, and buying powerto our customers. As an established China company, Kerchan provides eachcustomer peace of mind throughout the production process. Our dedicatedstaff of professionals coordinate and manage every detail of each projectfrom inception to delivery.

Kerchan dedicated staff ofprofessionals coordinate and manage every detail of each project from inceptionto delivery. That mean faster delivery time and 0 mistake for your projectorder. We have a great ongoing relationship with many displays companies inAmerican like Bish Creative display In Illinois , Process retail group inMilwaukee,…..etc. More than 30,0000 screens with various size shipped from ourfacility to the US per year.

Third, Kerchan Staff offer efficientcommunication. Kerchan sales team pay high attention and well-understand onyour needs, offer 12hours work to communicate with you for your inquiry orproject. Kerchan sales team made visit to customers in United States 3-4 timesa year and getting closer to the market, so you will feel free to talk to usand no communication problems. Customer first is Kerchan sales’s belief. In aword, what you care about most is what we care about most.

The last but not the least, Kerchan’sapproach is very simple; focus on POP display, offer friendly-budgetelectronics solutions, offer the highest quality products and services, whilealways staying focused on the customer’s needs. Our collaborative valuesand efforts continue to produce solutions that make our customersstand out above their competition. With Kerchan, you will be growing upwith us and get to know what’s new in the retail screens world.

To be the leading change in retail screen is the goalof Kerchan. It’s fine if you don’t know Kerchan before, but if you still don’tknow now, you are out of fashion!