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LCD Advertising Display is Becoming the Main Information Releasing Channel in the Future

Forward-looking, expanding, advanced and practical are the design ideas of advertising displays for the customer's business needs. Taking the methods of centralized control and unified management to combine various types of media files such as pictures, slideshows, animations, audio, video, rolling subtitles and so on into multimedia program. Transmitting to the digital media controller through network. Then, the digital media controller performs the regular play and control on the corresponding display device according to the control rules. And inter-cut various instant information such as news, pictures and emergency notices at any time, delivering the latest information to the audience at the first time. Digital media information publishing system is a more advanced one developed on the basis of multimedia information publishing system. 

The system adopts centralized control management and automatic broadcast solution, with distributed structure, open interface, human-computer interaction and good expansibility. At the same time, the system is powerful, friendly Operation interface, easy to install and easy to maintain. The digital media information publishing system is based on the network structure. It includes program editing, program transmission and publication, business interaction inquiry, information guidance and centralized control management. And can be combined with bank inquiry system, automatic real-time exchange rate quotation system and real-time weather information, real-time stock information, real-time data system, financial touch inquiry system, queuing system, OA system, attendance system, enterprise training system, industrial control system and perfect real-time database at the same time.