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LCD Advertising Player makes recruitment more convenient and perfect

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-08-23
In the information technology talent market, the application of LCD advertising machine will also become a beautiful landscape, so that recruitment is more smoothly. With the advertising machine into the era of large-screen display, in order to meet the talent market recruitment information dissemination of a wide range of needs. Through the LCD advertising machine, enterprises can provide more information about the corporate culture, the concept of all aspects of information, detailed information, not only can make people more easily know the corporate culture and other information.

The traditional mode of recruitment information, mainly through on-site recruitment, to collect candidates for information, face to face communication, but because of time and space constraints, often lead to large-scale crowded scenes in the short term so many job seekers can only View flowers, so the recruitment effect greatly discounted. After seeing a lot of talent market recruitment, you can learn that companies tend to choose fine posters to attract the attention of job seekers, but because of the limited field of information dissemination, when too many job seekers are concerned, The information is asymmetrical.
LCD advertising machine, information dissemination use the way animation, video clips and other graphics rendering, so that candidates should be impressed, but also more convenient to replace the information, easy to convey corporate culture and information to attract candidates.