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Large supermarket advertising machine

  • Author:Kerchan
  • Release on:2017-08-03
Advantages of applications of advertising display in the retail industry, especially in the large supermarket :

1, To enhance the grade of shopping malls
Digital Signage has a stylish and perfect design, it is suitable for high-end shopping environment, especially when more than one LCD advertising screens play a section of advertising synchronously, the kind of majestic momentum and shock enhance the grade of shopping malls.
2, Voice and video transmission
Advertising player is different from the printed ads, it has a natural sound and image effect, its advertising arrival rate is higher, and it can give consumers a deep impression.
3, Information dissemination is more comprehensive
Digital Screen Advertising Display is generally placed in a prominent position, for some discount information, new products such as market promotion, time up to only 3 to 10 minutes, and the cycle of the consumer information on the product information will be more comprehensive.
4, man-machine interaction
Supermarket advertising machine can be set by some software to do consumer positioning, such as consumers come to the location of interested products, the advertising screen will explain the corresponding products, etc., And it can compare the price of the corresponding product, provide a variety of comparative data. Consumers can also touch the screen to choose their favorite contents, so that there are interaction with the consumer.
5, the cost calculation is more suitable
From the perspective of the rate of return on investment, advertising displays are more "cost-effective." Traditional media advertising costs are very expensive, but the effect can not be guaranteed, and the advertising machine is very far from the effect of advertising.